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That's right..the classic game I know at least I love is on my android device now. There is a free version and the paid version which I linked to. I was about to buy it and download it but then I looked at the reviews. Many people had problems getting it to work, but that's not my question.

My question is what kind of application could POSSIBLY need this many permissions, especially when I pay for it? I've noticed this with some simple, cool-sounding apps recently. Why the hell do you need to know my GPS, my accounts, and especially my contacts? Like what the hell? Doesn't anyone screen these things? Why in the world would anyone download these things?

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The Oregon Trail: Settler is an historic adventure set in Oregon where you need to settle down to start a new home and take care of your family, animals and crops. Your objective is to build a great town and be safe from the dangers that you and your family might encounter like a hurricane or a bandit attack.

The main screen provides three basic options: your tools, which are located on the bottom right, your available resources on the top right and the list of tasks you need to do on the bottom left. First of all you need to select your character: Ma or Pa and follow the tutorial that introduces you to the game. Then you will see the amazing graphics and smooth animations, as well as the storyline, which is rich and addictive.

While you follow the story, you can also play mini-games in order to gather resources for later. If you don't like adventure casual games or management apps, this is not your kind of game but at the same time it's pretty different from others so don't hesitate to try it out.

3-10-2016  · The Oregon Trail . Take on the role of a wagon leader in the perilous journey to Oregon in America's Wild West. From Independence, Missouri, to the ...

The Oregon Trail: Android app (2.5 ★, 10,000+ downloads) → Westward ho! We're headin' for Oregon ! Your favorite pioneer adventure game is now available on Android !

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