Track and Field is the name of a series of Olympic themed video games developed by Konami for several platforms since 1983. The first title called “Track & Field” or “Hyper Olympics” outside the United States was released in 1983 as an arcade game. The simple gameplay which was based on dynamically successive button presses (now known as button bashing) has set the rules for sequels and similar games ever since. Track & Field was later released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985 and became one of the most popular NES games of its time.

Konami are proud to celebrate the game’s 25th anniversary with the release of “New International Track and Field” exclusive to Nintendo DS. All the fun and excitement of the original title has been brought bang up to date with a bright, stylish new look, innovative control method and for the first time play!

Challenge friends around the world, monitor their times and achievements, create your own tournaments and trophies, climb the worldwide rankings, earn exclusive content by setting world records and see your name in lights for all to see! For the first time ever in its illustrious career, Track and Field will finally fulfil its true multiplayer potential!

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