Formula Fusion is a AG racer, and if you are a old Wipeout tragic like me, and watch the video's I made of this latest build, well I think you will be wanting this game BAD.

None so far showing what this game is like playing in 1st person Cockpit view, which is the view I have always played every Wipeout in, as it's the most immersive, so that's what I've done.

The other reason I recorded these videos in cockpit mode is that this is the likely view you would be playing in, if you were playing a VR version of this game.

Formula Fusion is a near-futuristic anti-gravity racing game that combines fast, frantic gameplay with the raw dirty-urban design of The Designers Republic, a prismatic, atmospheric environment set in a dystopian New York City and vertigo-inducing acrobatic tracks to perfectly set the stage for the Formula Fusion Quantum Leagues - a dog-eat-dog racing competitive born on the back of F1 racing.

Psygnosis pushed the boundaries of the racing genre and our expectations with the release of Wip3out during the 90s. The company and their intellectual property (including Wip3out) were taken over by Sony WWE and consequently the studio was renamed to SCE Studio Liverpool. In 2012, Sony closed down the studio.

A few Members split off to form a new company called Firesprite while others joined R8 Games to work on Formula Fusion.

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