Just in time to get in on the Dead Rising 4 hype and the series’ 10th anniversary, Capcom is rewarding fans for their patience by porting all three of the franchise’s previous entries to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 13th.

Each port will include all of the add-on costumes previously available, and updated graphics in 1080p at 60 frames per second. The original Dead Rising will be coming to PC via Steam and will also appear on PS4 and Xbox One. Both Dead Rising 2 and Off the Record will only be available for consoles. You can purchase all three in a bundle for consoles as the Dead Rising Triple Pack for $59.49, or you can pick them up separately for $19.99 apiece.

If you opted for a PlayStation 3 back during the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 “console wars” you likely didn’t get a chance to play a Dead Rising game, given its then-exclusive status as an Xbox 360 titles. Cutting through zombies with lawnmowers and whacking into their heads with baseball bats is still just as satisfying now as it was then.

For newcomers of the genre, Dead Rising is a sort of “realistic” zombie apocalyptic adventure, but heavy with a parodic side based on many pop-culture, films and other video game references. The first game will put you in the shoes of Frank West, a reporter who is stuck in the town of Willamette, overrun by thousands of zombies. The aim will obviously be to survive, but also to discover and uncover some truth behind the reason of this zombie apocalypse, while intelligently managing your worst enemy in the Dead Rising franchise: time.

In Dead Rising, you will probably pay more attention to your watch (branded Megaman), as different objectives must be achieved before a certain time, or risk seeing them “disappear in the darkness”. This will often be tasks like saving civilians to killing dangerous psychopaths, or arriving on time at the rendezvous point with key character to advance the plot. Player need to perfectly manage his time and pick the tasks he believes are more viable for him, knowing that he will (initially) be unable to perform all the quests and missions. Being a mass zombie murderer can be a real pleasure, but it also sometimes equivalent to losing precious minutes…

The more task you finish task, the more Frank West accumulate experience, allowing you to get many upgrades, like a bigger inventory, a larger health bar or increased running speed. The peculiarity of Dead Rising is that it is possible (in case of death or failure of a primary objective) to restart the adventure, while retaining the experience level acquired. One can thus enjoy farming and reaching to let’s say level 15, then restart the adventure immediately with a powerful, faster, and better hero.

Una settimana decisamente intensa per i possessori delle piattaforme Sony , che potranno mettere le mani su titoli molto attesi come NBA 2K17 , PES 2017 , la demo di FIFA 17 , BioShock The Collection , Dead Rising , RIVE e Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 . Tutti i contenuti saranno disponibili nella data indicata di fianco al titolo, salvo ritarde e rinvii imprevisti.

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